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About Tiffany

Tiffany White Pushard is a dynamic photographer whose vibrant works fill the homes of families around the world. She is known for her creative vision and award-winning technique, as well as the contagious delight she brings to her craft.

Trained at the world-renowned Maine Photographic Workshops, Tiffany spent the early years of her career as an assistant for the acclaimed American photographer Seth Resnick. Here she honed her signature style, a vibrant palate with distinctive lighting and an experimental edge that pushed the boundaries.

Tiffany went on to build a thriving wedding photography business out of Boston, MA and Newport, RI.   These were energetic years with clients throughout the northeast and internationally from Switzerland and Spain to Belize and Nevis.  She also taught at the New England School of Photography, and began to have her works featured in national and international journals and publications.

After nearly a decade of owning a high octane business, Tiffany began to feel the tidal pull of Maine and in 2009 returned to her home state to concentrate on portraiture. She established Tiffany White Photography as means to work with families and individuals on a boutique, one-on-one basis—drawing upon her rich 20 years of experience in the field. Tiffany travels regularly throughout New England, bringing her enthusiasm and joy to every project.


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