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I can't believe I'm saying this marks the beginning of my third consecutive 365 Photo Challenge!  Looking back at this slideshow of 2019, I realize that I cannot stop this project now.  This need to create art for myself, while also capturing our own family history in photographs just satisfies my heart completely.   It seems that childhood phases and changes come and go at lightening speed (as everyone warned :)  and all of these moments remind me of other things that were going on in our lives, the news, the neighborhood and the world that day or week. Some day I won't recall these sweet, silly, crazy moments but these images will remain as proof of our precious time together.  May 2020 bring you something that satisfies your own heart!

By January 1st, I hadn't totally decided if I wanted to commit to another year of picking up my camera EVERY. SINGLE. DAY  yet I was having a hard time letting go.  So I kept picking it up, waiting for the answer to come.  

Now here I am 3 months into 2019 and realizing as I write this that I NEED this project in my life.  Like meditation, accessing creativity soothes my soul.  This project forces me to slow down, to see my children as the unique humans they are, to stay in the moment and to not rush life along. This project reminds me to appreciate the little things, to stay focused on what REALLY matters and to stay true to myself.  

It is official. I completed the 365 Photo Challenge!  

As I watch this slideshow from the past year, I can see how this visual journal was equal parts labor of love and necessary therapy.  I learned quickly to keep my camera at arms length because the magic of childhood can show up and vanish in 10 seconds flat.  But I also learned that potty training is exactly like love, you just can't hurry it.  I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our version of parenthood, adventure, love and family.

This has been on my bucket list for 15+  years, so Im very excited to finally check it off! Instead of kicking myself for not doing this challenge sooner, I'm going to pat myself on the back and say "keep up the good work" - 2019 here I come.

This month was a true labor of love. As I inch closer and closer to my goal and the end of this project, I feel such gratitude that I've stuck with it.  Each of these images bookends a memory, a conversation, a silly story/situation or sometimes just a mundane moment from our lives.  I too have baby books stuffed in the closet.  They are barely touched and mostly blank...Please, please, please let these images remind me of this amazing journey as my memory starts to fade and forget...

As I write this, there are 86 days left of this project. My toddlers have grown into little girls with big ideas, big words and big emotions. They are so full of love, creativity, silliness and drama, capturing it has been a joy and a struggle....

I'll admit, August kicked my butt! 10 Family portrait shoots, 9 Home Sweet Home selection sessions, Santa's Village, College Roommates, Birthday parties plus no school for F&P and a quick trip to Florida to see Dad.  It was a struggle to pick up my camera to create personal images some days. I'm still happy to be doing this project, but there were 3 days where Savannah, my lighting assistant became my photo of the day and at least 5 self portraits due to laziness. Oh! and that crappy photo of the fish was with my iPhone (which I cringe to confess that I got up from bed because I'd totally forgotten to create something personal that day). Cheers to September and back to school, more mental space and cooler weather! 

For the first time in 7 months I completely forgot create an intentional photo of the day specifically for this project!  Fortunately,  I did take a photo of my grocery list... so technically I guess it wasn't a complete fail. Still feeling happy to be capturing these precious moments.

I made it halfway! I made it halfway! Completing the month of June felt like a huge accomplishment.  Now that my busy work season is under way, my workflow has changed dramatically.  If you've been following this project you will notice I'm now posting monthly instead of weekly.  Creating the images and downloading them every few days has been easy enough but finding the time to cull, select and then post has swamped me.   Fortunately,  Lightroom makes it so easy to keep them organized by date so that when I find the time, I can quickly view, compare and process my favorites.  Cheers to all things summer - ice cream, s'mores, camping, playgrounds, beach, fishing, lawn sales, pollen puddles, dance recitals, cotton candy and best friends.

Spring has sprung in so many ways! Cheers to me for completing 5 months of this project and still feeling inspired.  I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I've enjoyed creating them. #365PhotoChallenge

Somehow the photos are still piling up like the snowbanks outside.  Here I am 4 weeks since my last post and I'm beginning to feel stir crazy from creating images mostly inside. However, this week my new camera arrived and I am in LOVE!  Suddenly my options for great light have increased by 3 to 4 Fstops which in the photography world is VERY EXCITING!

Week 6 & 7 and I'm still feeling the thrill when I see these moments through my lens. I'm getting keener on anticipating the direction things are unfolding as my little ones play.  Keeping my camera on the kitchen counter is risky, but most of the time I need it pronto! When I grab it I pray there is enough time to open a curtain or door to let natural light in before that moment slips past. It's all about the lighting still - it will make or break a stellar image. 

Some days it's easy to choose my one favorite for this #365photochallenge project and other days - not so much.  So here I am, introducing The " B" Roll for those images that didn't make the cut but that still make me stop and chuckle, smile or sigh...

January flew by and now that I'm looking at these images as a whole, it just makes me more excited to continue this project and to see what the future brings!

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